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Episode 97 - TGD & Fleet Dice and Three Sisters Showdown

March 9th, 2022

In episode 97, Dean and Jon talk about the games they played at Tennessee Game Days (The King is Dead 2nd Ed., Ark Nova, Land vs. Sea, Rialto, Andor: The Family Fantasy Game, Tabannusi, Council of 4, Dune: Imperium, & London 2nd. Ed. They finish up the episode with a showdown between Fleet: The Dice Game and Three Sisters. 

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00:00     Intro
24:50     The King is Dead: Second Edition
31:56     Land vs Sea
35:32     Rialto
39:02     Andor: The Family Fantasy Game
47:51     Tabannusi: Builders of Ur
51:56     Council of 4
55:12     Dune: Imperium
57:19     London (Second Edition)
01:00:00  Ark Nova
01:09:56  Showdown between Fleet: The Dice Game & Three Sisters

*Three Sisters was provided by 25th Century Games as a review copy

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