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Episode 92 - UnPAXing PAX Unplugged 2021

December 22nd, 2021

In episode 92, Dean and Jon talk about their experience attending PAX Unplugged 2021. They talk about the games they played, the people they met, the food they ate, and more! Thanks for coming down to MeepleTown!

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00:00     Intro
06:53     Rolling Realms
14:23     Voyages
21:51     Tournament at Avalon
34:26     1923 Cotton Club
43:52     Riverside
47:32     Brian Boru: High King of Ireland
55:00     Magellan: Elcano
59:42     Glass Road
01:00:53  It's a Wonderful Kingdom
01:09:05  Faza
01:15:04  MicroMacro: Crime City
01:20:49  Thunder Road: Vendetta
01:25:21  Every Trick in the Book
01:32:00  Zapotec
01:39:04  La Vina
01:45:34  Siege of Runedar

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