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Episode 100 - Top 5 MeepleTown Highlights

April 20th, 2022

In episode 100, Dean shares some interesting stats about the podcast up to this point. Dean and Jon talk about games they've been playing lately (New York 1901 and Last Will). They also picked one game each hoping the other will love it. Jon picks Anachrony for Dean, and Dean picks Eclipse for Jon. Finally, they share their top 5 highlights since starting MeepleTown 100 episodes ago. Thank you all for listening and for all your support. You rock!

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00:00       Intro
14:28       MeepleTown stats   
34:36       New York 1901  
38:16       Last Will
44:24       Anachrony
1:00:32     Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy
1:14:01     Top 5 MeepleTown Highlights

Thanks for coming down to MeepleTown!

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